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Policy and Terms

Policy and Terms for all Macros Purchased.

NOTE POLICYFirst and foremost when purchasing from my site...

You must be authorized to use the credit card or account you are paying with. Please do not use someone elses credit card or account to pay for your products here without them knowing about it and/or authorizing it. Also all transaction for macros are non-refundable. Please be very aware of what you are purchasing. All macros have been extensively used and tested by the many users in the CorelDraw Graphics community for business and personal use.

NOTE POLICYNo, the macros do not come with and actual box or package.

The box or package shown is for illustration purpose. It helps to give this downloadable product representation only. You do not get a box or package. Each purchase is for a downloadable digital software only.

NOTE POLICYNew Version Policy

There is no free or discounted upgrade price for the macros so please keep this in mind when purchasing and upgrading to newer CorelDraw versions. Macros are sold as a product to fit only the version of Draw they are noted to support. Macros will not work in another version of Draw if not specified and there is no discounted upgrade price to get a macro that supports a different version. Please buy the macro you need for the version of you you need to use it in.
I believe this is very fair because the price is very affordable for the macro and I do not use any special activation code for the use of the macro. Also I cannot continue to work and maintain this site for free. You can use as long as you wish, reinstall as many times as needed, and use on as many computers as you need. Please respect 1 macro per user AND the macro is only licensed in the CorelDraw version you buy it for!.

NOTE POLICYVersion support

No macros are guaranteed to be made into newer versions. All macros on this site will support a version no higher than CorelDraw X7 at the time I write this. Please keep this in mind. I cannot support a product minor version that is not yet released. When you purchase a macro noted as for Draw X7 the highest version supported for that product purchased is currently CorelDraw X7 with all updates installed. Macros are not liable or guaranteed to support updated CorelDraw versions higher than this. By purchasing a macro here you agree to this. Once again there is explicitly no guarantee or stated time frame as to when a macro would or will ever support or be upgraded or available to future update of CorelDraw higher than X7.

NOTE POLICYDont pass it on, or change it.

Just don't resell it, give it to a friend or relative, or anyone for that matter. I worked hard on the macro. If your going to use it for business great, just buy one copy for each user. With all the time you'll save by using the macros, you'll agree. You can use the macro forever, just one copy per user, please. Also please do not modify or change any part or parts of the macro without permission from me.

NOTE POLICYVersion subject to change, Back it up!

The macro version or functionality is subject to change without notice. Of course always for the better. Check back ofter for upgrades! If you are downloading a new version you might want to make a backup of your old version in case you need it for older software. I will not hold newer or older versions for you in the case the you lose it and need a new copy. Back it up!

NOTE POLICYThorough knowledge of computers and CorelDraw Highly Recommended! IMPORTANT!

I recommend that you are very familiar with computers and CorelDraw in general before purchasing or using any macros. This is highly recommended by me in order to use the macros functions, install the macro, and troubleshoot any problems that might occur. Most CorelDraw users will find the macros very easy to use and install. If you are a beginner or new user to CorelDraw I recommend you do not purchase any macro from my site. There are many resources out there. Learn the program first!

NOTE POLICYRefund Policy.

I do not offer refunds for any purchases. Macros can not be exchanged for other macros. Once purchased, the sale is final. Please review the product details very carefully before purchasing. If your not sure, then do not buy it, or ask me if you have a question. Please be very aware of what you are purchasing. All macros have been extensively used and tested by the many users in the CorelDraw Graphics community for business and personal use.

NOTE POLICYProblem with your order.

I will work with you to fix the problem. I will use the solution I see best to fix the problem. Many times I fix the problem at no charge. If the problem was my fault, I will fix it. I may need proof of problem, screenshots of problem, or other.

NOTE POLICYI might contact you.

After you fill out our checkout form with your email I may contact you. If there is a problem with your order or the order is unpaid I might contact you using the email or phone number you entered. I will not use your email for any other purpose than replying to you. Don't worry, the spammers won't get your email.

NOTE POLICYNo warranty, No Liability.

Unfortunately there is no warranty on any product coming from this site. The good news is that there's a 99.9% chance you won't even need one. All macros have been extensively used and tested by the many users in the CorelDraw Graphics community for business and personal use. You purchase the macro or software as is. You accept that performance may vary greatly depending on your computer, operating system, or program version. GDG Macros will not be held liable for any damages, loss of work, time, computer damage, loss of job...bla,bla,bla, stuff like that. You accept that liablity cannot under any circumstances exceed the standard value of the macro. Do not purchase any macro from this site without reading and agreeing to the previous terms, conditions, and policy listed above.

...And thanks, and I hope you love my macros!!


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