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New 2024 GDG Macro Suite Available now! Very limited time discount code enter 34MAY2024 for 34% off.

55% off upgrade discount code will be emailed to all those who bought suite 2023. New in this suite, several "B" versions of macros, for those having issues with macros running in systems with international decimal settings.

Previous message (5-15-2024): Hi, all. Sorry for any lack of communication lately. I have been extremely busy running my graphics and car audio shop. The days are long with little rest. I finally had a chance to see some of your emails and will see what I can do about CorelDraw 2024 macros. I haven't decided on an exact direction but may release mini-suites, or just the whole suite again with upgrade pricing. The best deal of course would be the purchase of the GDG Macro Suite.
Available now! GDG Macros Suite 2023.
Please note: Macros 2023 and above will no longer be sold separately.
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Not all macros are guaranteed to be continued due to compatibility reasons or other. Read new-version policy here.
I appreciate everyone! Upgrading macros and maintaining this site is quite a task for me. Want to contribute? Please DONATE
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news...Cool New CorelDraw Macros!

  Date Added: 2019-03-15
Want to contribute?

I appreciate everyone! Upgrading macros and maintaining this site is quite a task. Want to contribute? Please DONATE

  Date Added: 2019-03-13
CorelDraw 2019 just released.

Hello, fellow professionals. I'm doing my best to update the macros for the new version of CorelDraw, v.2019. Seems like a nice upgrade. This is a lot of work for one guy, so please, bear with me. And if you'd like to donate, it helps to keep me motivated, and this website, GDG MACROS, alive!

  Date Added: 2017-08-01
More new macros for CorelDraw version 2017

GDG Font Helper for v.2017An alternative powerful font solution. Plus find, list, search, group fonts and more.

GDG Items Ta Path for v.2017
Easily fit items to a shift selected curve path and arrange items in many ways.

  Date Added: 2017-07-20
New Video: Ungroup and Debugger Issues Big Bugs in CorelDraw 2017 Create GMS File, Make Macro Fix

VIDEO. Please like comment and share (on my YouTube channel or here) if you find this video helpful, or stop by and visit the site: for more. That lets me know you want me to make more videos and content.
It's been a while since I created a video so I might be a tad rusty, but getting back into things, and finally upgrading to CorelDraw v.2017 myself. Her I found an ungroup issue, then live on this video we run into some debugger problems. Follow along as we make a GMS and an a small macro fix. For CorelDraw 2017.

See the Ungroup and Debugger Issues Big Bugs in CorelDraw 2017 Create GMS File, Make Macro Fix Video HERE


  Date Added: 2017-07-19
Updates to GDG Nest

Updates have been made to GDG Nest for CorelDraw v.2017 and CorelDraw X7. If you have purchased this macro you can log in and download the new version.

  Date Added: 2017-07-18
Several new macros just released! For CorelDraw v.2017

GDG S4 for v.2017 Stripe, Size, Split, Space
Handy macro to Stripe, Split, Size, or Space items.

GDG Decal Duplicates Plus Cost Estimator for v.2017
Duplicate and tile items to fit in specified area, and cost estimation per decal based on material usage.

GDG Resampler for v.2017
Batch resample bitmaps in the current selection, entire page, all pages, or selected pages.

GDG Fast Files for v.2017
A macro that offers a quick and alternative way to search and access files.

GDG Text Helper for v.2017
Be creative with text. Blend colors, change fonts and sizes with words or letters.

GDG Measure It for v.2017
Very simple macro to measure line length of a distance between to clicks.

GDG Replacer for v.2017
Advanced macro to replace fill and outline colors. Option packed.

GDG Selection Saver for v.2017
Save your selections for later re-selection. Two handy modes.

GDG Color Blender for v.2017One of my personal favorites. The ultimate fill and outline color blending macro. Also, label shapes with color info!

GDG Document Font Lister for v.2017
Lists exactly what fonts you are using in your document and what page(s) they reside on.

GDG Convert-Ta-Curves for v.2017
Quickly convert items to curves in batch at once, multiple pages, text or shapes.

  Date Added: 2017-05-03
HOT FIX Available for CorelDraw X8 and V.2017

I've notice my X8 lately errors out upon loading. And on the computer with the error, I hadn't event installed v.2017 of CorelDraw. But a fix is here. For any users experiencing this problem, get more info and the link to the Hot Fix here at Graphics Unleashed.

CorelDraw X8 and v.2017 Hot-Fix May 3, 2017

  Date Added: 2016-12-23
GDG Color Vals Specialized Macro Now Available for CorelDraw X8

GDG Color Vals for X8

Designed for CMYK & RGB value adjustments. Includes many helpful modes and extras. Modify specific values on many shapes at once! Example: Adjust CMYK Cyan value on all selected. Show or change values in a single or many shapes. Modify values easily. Select all shapes with same Fill or Outline color quickly and easily. Label shapes with color values. Great for color charts/catalogs. Quick convert or selection of shapes based on color properties.
Note: this version is for CorelDraw X8 only.

  Date Added: 2016-12-18
GDG Multi Text Changer Now Available for CorelDraw X8

GDG Multi Text Changer CorelDraw X8

Quickly change artistic text strings in batch. Works well on text shapes that have an effect applied as well. Also includes a numbering function. Works in text on multiple pages, all at once.

  Date Added: 2016-12-18
GDG Copy King Macro Now Available for CorelDraw X8

GDG Copy King Macro for CorelDraw X8

Quick copy attributes from a shape and apply them to other shapes. Select mode can find and select any shapes on the page with your chosen attributes. Attributes include uniform and fountain fills, outline color, outline size, size w, h, or both, rotation, position x, y or both, font, font size. Also ability to save attributes as reusable presets for the find or set, and much, more! This version is for X8 only.

New for this X8 version: Added the ability to auto get items properties, ie no need to press the Get button. After any selection change the list box will automatically show the attributes for that shape. Also added tooltips to all buttons so you can more easily learn how a particular feature works.

  Date Added: 2016-12-17
Three macros now have X8 versions!

GDG Node Manipulator for X8
The ULTIMATE Node macro. This macro is more than a 20 in 1.

GDG Monogram Round Font and Macro for X8
Unique GDG Monogram Font and easy to use macro assembler.

GDG Visual Tuner for X8
Macro has 12 different very handy modes to adjust sizing and more visually or by values.

  Date Added: 2016-06-25
GDG Chopper Now Available for X8

For X8. GDG Chopper A handy macro that can make quick work of "chopping" shapes. Cut them in half vertically or horizontally. Cut them at a desired point either horizontally or vertically. Also cut them in 2 using the 2 point click method. This macro works on just about any type of shapes including many shapes at once, and even bitmap shapes. The macro preserves the selection so you can keep chopping over and over again. See the pictures and movies below!

NEW For this version:
-Angle chop in various ways
-Custom live line mode. See the line that will chop the shape!
-Deselect After
-Lock mode. Chop it over and over again until you press escape.
-Quick angle chop presets.
-Modifier keys.
-Included instruction cdr file
-Optimization for ultra FAST chopping!
-Repeat function.
-Many various fixes and more!

Important!: This macro is only for CorelDraw X8. It will not function in any other version.

  Date Added: 2016-06-23
GDG QuickSize Now Available for X8

GDG QuickSize Now Available for X8

For X8. With this macro you can replace your size transformation docker as speed up your workflow.

It also includes many useful additional features. For X8 only.
- no need to ever check a proportional box. Just enter value where you need it and press tab or enter.
- hold shift to adjust shape size live with spin buttons.
- SE (Size each buttons) - Sizes every item in selection in a batch.
- 2 convenient modes for copying shape size.
- option to auto run macro at start-up of Draw.
- macro remembers form position on the screen.
- modifiable value for increase / decrease spin buttons.
- ability to round values to any decimal place.
- quick change document unit.
-World scale / Document scale view mode. View all sizes at once.
-New in version 1.1: Click W or H label next to the proportional sizes to make the active selection square.
-New in version 1.1: Double click main form or image in info form to fix any errors with your application events being disabled.
Application events always need to be enabled for this macro and possible macro errors in other macros you use could possibly turn them off.
New in version 1.3: Added ability to quick auto hide form if nothing is selected.

Also...See movies and picture on product page.

For version X8 only.

  Date Added: 2016-06-22
GDG Round Text Now Available for X8

GDG Round Text Now Available for X8

For X8. This is a quick and easy way to Round text above and below a shape or circle. It also has presets that can be saved. Type a single or couple lines of text and you can curve it above and below a shape or circle. The text that is highest on the page will be placed on the top automatically. This macro curves text nicely around shapes. Other options include distance setting, quick select for the finalized effects and paths, auto delete path leaving only the text, option to leave it as an editable effect, and inner, center, outer placement. Includes 4 icons and 8 presets can also be assigned to shortcut keys!

New: Includes separate macro round text top and bottom. Very quickly put an upper or lower curving arch on a selected text item. One I use myself daily!

This version is for X8 only.

  Date Added: 2016-06-22
GDG Nest for X8 - Now available.

GDG Nest for X8

For users with US regional settings only. If you use a comma instead of a period for a decimal separator, this macro is not for you.

For X8 only. Nesting shapes has always been a tough job for a macro. Finally GDG Nest to the rescue. The nesting operation can take up to a second per shape depending on the options you have chosen, but is significantly faster depending on your computer's speed. The tiling option is extremely fast and can put hundreds of shapes in a specified area, very quickly. Additional options include speed testing timer, make a duplicate of files for nest, rotate 90 and 45, and more. An awesome bonus shape randomizer macro is included. It's a whole extra macro built right in! Randomize shapes position in an area, color based on a palette, x and y position, and rotation. Note: Nest feature can be slow depending on shapes and options. You can also use the ultra fast quick tile feature which works similar to nesting and processes hundreds of shapes quickly. This is the only CorelDraw macro, yes a macro using the built in VBA, that can nest shapes!

This version is for X8 only.

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