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GDG Macro Suite 2024 is available. Those who have purchased the 2023 Suite, contact me if you need to upgrade to GDG Macros Suite 2024.

55% off upgrade discount code has been emailed to all those who bought suite 2023. New in this suite, several "B" versions of macros, for those having issues with macros running in systems with international decimal settings.

Previous message (5-15-2024): Hi, all. Sorry for any lack of communication lately. I have been extremely busy running my graphics and car audio shop. The days are long with little rest. I finally had a chance to see some of your emails and will see what I can do about CorelDraw 2024 macros. I haven't decided on an exact direction but may release mini-suites, or just the whole suite again with upgrade pricing. The best deal of course would be the purchase of the GDG Macro Suite.
Available now! GDG Macros Suite 2023.
Please note: Macros 2023 and above will no longer be sold separately.
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Not all macros are guaranteed to be continued due to compatibility reasons or other. Read new-version policy here.
I appreciate everyone! Upgrading macros and maintaining this site is quite a task for me. Want to contribute? Please DONATE
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NOTE: These macros are for CorelDraw 2023 only. Although these macros may operate in CorelDraw 2020 to 2022, this suite is only officially supported in CorelDraw 2023. Please carefully ready all details above.

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GDG Macros Suite 2023

GDG Macros Suite 2023

All 2023 macros: quantity of 39 (93 subs/functions which can be assigned to shortcut or icon, and 87 icons included). Less than $7.75 per macro!

FOR THIS SUITE ONLY: After purchase, please allow up to 24 hours for me to send you the passworded file. MAKE SURE YOUR REGISTERED EMAIL IS CORRECT OR I CANNOT SEND YOU THE FILE.

Your name and all registration information will be encoded into your macros. This 2023 suite of macros will only be only officially supported in Draw 2023 (version

Officially supported for users using US metrics (period for decimal place)

Free BONUS: the macros will be unlocked for CoreDraw 2020 to 2022.

Safely save/backup your macros when you receive them. I might not be around in the future for you to retrieve them--anything can happen.


Please LIKE AND SHARE my emails and posts. Others will be interested and the site and work done on thousands of line of code needs all the support it can get.

Updates to these macros will be in the form of a macro package that WILL be downloadable on the site. Log in the download if you see an update.

ALL OTHER MACROS YOU HAVE PURCHASED ARE NOW AVAILABLE AGAIN ON THE SITE as of 11-27-2023. Purchase old macros, or log in an download your macros.

List of included macros is as follows:
1. GDG7.nodesAtlnteresctions 2. GDG7.liveNodePlaceOnInt... 3. GDG2.alignNodes Vertical 4. GDG2.alignNodesHorizontal 5. GDG.visualTuner 6. GDG.vinylEasy 7. GDG.updateFontList 8. GDG.textHelper 9. GDG.spaceMaster 10. GDG.simpleHighlights 11. GDG.selectionPal 12. GDG.selectionBuddy 13. GDG.selBudQuery8 14. GDG.selBudQuery7 15. GDG.selBudQuery6 16. GDG.selBudQuery5 17. GDG.selBudQuery4 18. GDG.selBudQuery3 19. GDG.selBudQuery2 20. GDG.selBudQuery1 21. GDG.saveOldVersionGO 22. GDG.saveOldVersionForm 23. GDG.saveEm 24. GDG.saveAs 25. GDG.S4 26. GDG.roundTextSimpleTop 27. GDG.roundTextSimple Botto... 28. GDG.roundTextPreset8 29. GDG.roundTextPreset7 30. GDG.roundTextPreset6 31. GDG.roundTextPreset5 32. GDG.roundTextPreset4 33. GDG.roundTextPreset3 34. GDG.roundTextPreset2 35. GDG.roundTextPreset1 36. GDG.roundTextForm 37. GDG.rotateshapes 38. GDG.ringAroundTheShape 39. GDG.resampler 40. GDG.replacer 41. GDG.randomizeatron 42. GDG.quickSize 43. GDG.quickSelect 44. GDG.quickRotatePreset5 45. GDG.quickRotate Preset4 46. GDG.quickRotatePreset3 47. GDG.quickRotatePreset2 48. GDG.quickRotate Preset1 49. GDG.quickExportJPG 50. GDG.OutlineSameAsFill 51. GDG.optimumRotationWid... 52. GDG.optimum RotationHei... 53. GDG.optimumRotation 54. GDG.NodeManipulator 55. GDG.NodeCount 56. GDG.nest 57. GDG.multiTextChanger 58. GDG.measurelt 59. GDG.itemsTaPath 60. GDG.fountainClickExtreme 61. GDG.fontHelperForm Rollup 62. GDG.fontHelper 63. GDG.flipVertically 64. GDG.flipHorizontally 65. GDG.flipAcrossLine 66. GDG.FillSameAsOutline 67. GDG.fastFilesForm 68. GDG.fastFiles 69. GDG.documentFontList 70. GDG.dimensionGator 71. GDG.decalDuplicatesPlus 72. GDG.CopyKing 73. GDG.convertTaCurves 74. GDG.contourQuickStandard 75. GDG.contourQuickRound 76. GDG.colorVals 77. GDG.colorClickExtreme 78. GDG.colorBlender 79. GDG.ClickltPreset7 80. GDG.ClickltPreset6 81. GDG.ClickItPreset5 82. GDG.ClickltPreset4 83. GDG.ClickltPreset3 84. GDG.ClickltPreset2 85. GDG.ClickltPreset1 86. GDG.Clicklt 87. GDG.chopper 88. GDG.bannerHelper 89. GDG.Align TextToRight 90. GDG.AlignTextToLeft 91. GDG.Align TextToCenter 92. GDG.AlignLowestShape 93. GDG.AlignHighestShape

Price: $299.00


NOTE: These macros are for CorelDraw 2023 only. Although these macros may operate in CorelDraw 2020 to 2022, this suite is only officially supported in CorelDraw 2023. Please carefully ready all details above.

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