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GDG Macro Suite 2024 is available. Those who have purchased the 2023 Suite, contact me if you need to upgrade to GDG Macros Suite 2024.

55% off upgrade discount code has been emailed to all those who bought suite 2023. New in this suite, several "B" versions of macros, for those having issues with macros running in systems with international decimal settings.

Previous message (5-15-2024): Hi, all. Sorry for any lack of communication lately. I have been extremely busy running my graphics and car audio shop. The days are long with little rest. I finally had a chance to see some of your emails and will see what I can do about CorelDraw 2024 macros. I haven't decided on an exact direction but may release mini-suites, or just the whole suite again with upgrade pricing. The best deal of course would be the purchase of the GDG Macro Suite.
Available now! GDG Macros Suite 2023.
Please note: Macros 2023 and above will no longer be sold separately.
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NOTE: This macro will function only in CorelDraw version 2020

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GDG Click IT! for v.2020 Includes FREE Bonus GDG Contour Quick

GDG Click IT! for v.2020 Includes FREE Bonus GDG Contour Quick

For CorelDraw 2020. Do you ever just need to create a quick outline by eye without thinking about the size. This macro can quickly create outlines and shadows with a couple mouse clicks. The mouse clicks are the distance of the contour, inner or outer! For v.2020 only!

Round corner options, Beveled corner options and default corner options are your choice. Just select a shape (combined, grouped, whatever) and place 2 clicks for outline/shadow distance. Place the first click on the shapes edge and place the second click the distance you want the outline created. Presto! The contour is automatically placed, SEPARATED and FILLED in the color or random color of your choice. Your choice of fill and outline color comes in handy too. Outline color choice is popular for sign makers so you can instantly create a cut contour line around your shapes. Other options include the ability to remove interior holes so you can make a contour around a shape and not the inside. Make it easy on yourself...try this one!

NEW in this version: -Lock mode to create contours non-stop on after another! -Random Fill mode -Set Outline width -Saves the forms position

-Includes FREE Bonus Macro GDG Contour Quick. Makes a quick contour. Very handy for slightly thickening thin items for vinyl cutting or just a frequently used contour distance. See dialog at start up which appears one time only and helps describe macro. Includes 2 icons also!

NEW FEATURES! Continue reading...

-7 customizable presets. See instructions by making form expand by clicking grey triangle at the bottom of the main form.

-Ability to make a separate inner or outer contour for each shape selected. Extremely handy! Simple hold SHIFT when running via the Outer Contour, Inner Contour, or Preset button.

-Invert and Random Fills ability. Quick change between User, Random, and Inverted fills by clicking the label in the Fill section.

-Quick UNIT change. Now quickly change documents units for macro use. Make a contour in mm then inches, then... Easy and fast.

-Improved: Faster way to change the mode for Default contour type, pop out menu.

-Improved: Lock feature for click-able contours now needs only one click for each sequential contour after the first. Before you had to make 2 clicks each time. Now simply make your 2 clicks for the first contour, then a single click for each thereafter at desired distance. Keep making contours on the last contoured shape until you press escape. Try in tandem with the inverted and random fill feature!

-This MACRO has been almost completely re-coded and optimized. Many tiny enhancements and improvements!

-Hover mouse over the macro buttons and labels to read a handy HOW TO tool-tip.

This macro is for version v.2020 of CorelDraw only!

Price: $19.99



Assorted tips and help:

*If you arehaving trouble and the effect is not working:

1) Check your settings. Check your distance value and or use click mode.

2) Don't apply an inner contour that's too large.
You can apply larger inner contours if the "remove interior holes" checkbox is clicked.

3) Try a different size contour.

4) Try resizing the shape and then try again.
Some small bugs relative to CorelDraw itself can cause errors.


* Although the macro can do multiple shapes at once, due to the large number of posiblities this could be more unpredictable than doing a shape at a time.

Note: try ungrouping your multiple shapes before applying the effect.


*Usually the "remove interior holes" will work faster. You may want to use it first, especially on complex shapes.


*Complex and super complex shapes can take ALOT of time to create the effect. Either wait or backup your work before applying effect to super complex shapes. This Corel Draw core related and has nothing to do with macro itself.


Fill not being applied: This is a CorelDraw related bug. Make sure the shape you are contouring has a fill and your effect will have a fill as well.


NEW! Try the outline color feature combined with the "remove interior holes" function to add quick cuttable lines for those using vinyl cutters that recognize a certain color as the "cut contour".

Give your self some time to become comfortable with the macro and I'm sure you find it to be a great tool.




NOTE: This macro will function only in CorelDraw version 2020

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