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news...Cool New CorelDraw Macros!

  Date Added: 2010-03-10
Customer Requested Features: ADDED

Version 1.5 of GDG Easy Dim & Sample macro released today. Customer requested features added. Added option to use hairlines as dim lines.

  Date Added: 2010-02-24
Updated GDG Save Em!

Updated version 1.8 of GDG Save Em! macro released today. Many bugs fixed. Added large filter section. Thanks to Jeff for help testing and debugging.

  Date Added: 2010-02-10

version 1.0 of GDG Save Em! released today! Now you can work on all of your graphics on one page. When your ready, open up GDG Save Em an quickly save each to it's own file. Wait, you just want to save the shapes but not the text, and only the red shapes you say. No problem. With the many filters options you can save just the shapes with a red fill if you choose. Or exclude the rectangle borders. No problem, the filters have you covered. Many other options include saving as a specific CorelDraw version, saving each page as a file, only selected items as get the picture. You can use this instead of the default CorelDraw save dialog and save your file, your way, quickly and easily, just how you want to!

  Date Added: 2009-12-16
New Macro: GDG Simple Highlights

version 1.0 released today. A great way to put some pizazz in your art. With this macro you can quickly create highlights on your selected shape. Easily adjustable to get just the vector highlight effect you need. Other options include saving up to 6 presets for quick highlights. With the click of the quick highlight button you can create a highlight on your shape with automatic, saved position and color fill options. This is a very easy way to take your designs a notch up with such a simple effect.

  Date Added: 2009-12-11
GDG SSSS update

version 1.0a fixed size function. 2 options for sizing shapes and now easier for user to understand.

  Date Added: 2009-12-06
GDG SSSS: New Macro that's gotta lot of features!

version 1.0 released of Stripe, Split, Space, and Size. Also known as GDG SSSS. It's a really handy macro that can help speed up repetitive actions.

  Date Added: 2009-11-27
GDG Click It! Contours and Shadows Macro Version update added today.

Awesome! Macro updated to version 2.0 I added Inline contours too, remove holes option works too. Minor bug fixes. This is a feature that Corel's standard inline contour tool can't do. You'll have to try it.

  Date Added: 2009-11-22
Fixed a few bugs...

Small bugs fixed in sample proof dialogs of Easy Dim & Sample.

  Date Added: 2009-11-21
NEW Macro: GDG Easy Dim & Sample

I released one of my toughest to create macros today. A very large option dialog box was very tideous to create. All said and done, this has to be my most needed macro yet (by me anyways).

Easily and quickly creates dimension lines and sample proofs around many selected shapes at once.

  Date Added: 2009-11-04
GDG Click It! Contours and Shadows Macro: RELEASED TODAY!

This is a very unique macro. It enables you to create an outline or contour around a shape visually using 2 clicks of the mouse. Very Cool. I'm finding that I'm beginning to use this more than the Contour tools that comes with Draw. The macro also has a shadow option. You can quickly create 2 types of shadows on your shapes. Read the description for more!

  Date Added: 2009-11-01
GDG Vinyl Easy Weed Helper Plus: Version 1.4

I updated this macro by adding a few more cool weed border styles including cross and grid weedlines styles. I also fixed a few bugs.

  Date Added: 2009-10-28
GDG Vinyl Easy Weed Helper Plus: NEW MACRO Released Today

Version 1.0 released of this handy macro to create weedlines, weedborders, and copies of shapes. This is a great macro for signmakers.

  Date Added: 2009-10-01
New Site: GDG

I'm beginning this new site along with some macros. I'm all PHP'ed out and ready for a new language. I'll just take it slow and create it piece by part on my time off.

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