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I had the pleasure of creating macros and keeping them up to date for years, but all good things must come to an end. Thank you for your years of support. The site will be left up for viewing only from now on. No macros will be available going forward, and please, do not email me asking that I update a macro or if I can sell an open license version. Thank you. ~John

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NOTE: This macro will function ONLY in CorelDraw version 2022

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GDG Decal Duplicates Plus 2022

GDG Decal Duplicates Plus 2022

This version is for CorelDraw 2022 only.

The main purpose of this macro is intended for those who print decals, labels, or other items in quantity. The first main feature of the macro is intended to duplicate a selection as many times as needed to fit it within a desired media space. It can rotate it if need be to fit more as to prevent a large amount of wasted media. The macro performs this function very fast, even with very complex designs. The second main feature of the macro is cost calculation.

The cost calculation is this macro is very simple. You set a price for an amount of media and upon pressing the calculation button, the macro will tell you know how many items fit in that area automatically as well as calculate the cost each.

There are 6 presets so you can give pricing from starter range all the way up to large wholesale price ranges. Example for use: Customers who purchase more will usually get better pricing, hence the use of more than one price for media size. A customer comes in to the shop and needs 500 (3) inch square decals. You can put the design on the page or use a square shape as a size representation of the actual design. Press (Calculate) -or- (hold CTRL and press Calculate) -or- (hold SHIFT and press Calculate) and the macro will automatically figure the price each of the decal depending on which media size usage preset the order fits into. As a store/shop owner you could give the customer an almost instant quote as you will quickly know how much media the order will use. You could even offer other quotes to the customer such as "If you buy 600 decals I can drop the price to..." The macro will show all 6 presets at once and give you a piece of text you can copy and paste into the customers message for an estimation quote.

This is a time saving part of the macro! Usage basics: Run macro. Enter media size and spacing. I recommend an equal vertical and horizontal space. Select item on the page and click either, Calculate - This will tell you how many items will fit in the media area via a pop up message box. Hold CTRL and click calculate and a text file will be generated based on presets entered in the presets section of the info form. This text file will include an estimate at the bottom that can be copied and pasted into customers estimate write-up. Hold SHIFT and press calculate and a only a message box will appear with details of fit and pricing based on presets. Both types will have fit recommendations. Show - a rectangle that is the same size as the design will be duplicated to show you how the actual size and quantity of the items. This is sometimes a little faster. Go - The actual item will be duplicated. Hold shift and press go and the names that are given to the duplicates will be erased. These names are only used for quick selection using the select button links. Hover you mouse over and of the other buttons and features for a pop up tool tip describing use and function.

This is the 2022 CorelDraw version and will ONLY function in CorelDraw 2022. NOTE: BUG fix in CorelDraw 9-52015 Uncheck "FAST!" in the settings if you encounter issues using powerclip shapes.


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NOTE: This macro will function ONLY in CorelDraw version 2022
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